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Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL - Treatment - 2024

Head Check

At Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL, we understand that the first step toward effective lice treatment is a proper diagnosis. That’s why our process starts with a detailed head check by one of our friendly and skilled technicians at our clinic. Using a specialized lice comb, the technician thoroughly inspects the hair and scalp to identify any lice. If lice are found, our technician will explain your treatment options and help you choose the best one for your needs. Additionally, the cost of this initial check will be deducted from the treatment you select, making it both convenient and affordable. At Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL, we are dedicated to providing top-notch care and ensuring successful treatment outcomes.
Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL - Treatment - 2024

Lice Lifters Treatment

At Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL, we’re proud of our guaranteed lice removal process, starting with the application of our Lice Lifters Mousse. Our certified technicians at our clinic apply this specially formulated mousse to stun the lice and loosen the nits (eggs) that are glued to the hair follicles. This initial step is vital for the comb-out phase, the most effective method for removing nits. Our expert will use a specialized lice comb to carefully eliminate the nits and any live lice. Following the comb-out, we apply our Lice Lifters Solution, an effective treatment that eradicates any remaining lice. Our thorough process targets all phases of the lice lifecycle, ensuring a successful and lice-free result.

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Why Choose Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL

At Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL, we prioritize using only the safest and most effective products for our clients. Our treatment center in Davie, FL, offers a range of 100% natural lice removal products that are gentle enough for everyday use. We provide at-home kits and products for purchase that are specifically designed to target all stages of the lice life cycle, making our solutions effective against all types of head lice, including resistant “super lice.”

While we focus on our in-clinic treatments for the most thorough and rapid lice removal, our take-home products also help prevent re-infestation and maintain peace of mind between visits. All of our products are rigorously tested and proven to be effective, allowing you to trust that you’re receiving the best lice treatment available. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the right products for your needs and provide instructions on their proper use for optimal results. With Lice Lifters Of Davie, FL, you can confidently address your lice problem and keep your family lice-free.

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